Many purchasers make the mistake of comparing old homes with new homes. Others shy away from old homes due to a lack of understanding of historical structures, or for fear of buying a potential money pit.

At Redbrick Inspections, we are familiar with older homes; most of our inspections are downtown. And while problems can exist in any building, the fact is that many older homes have been standing for a century or longer, and will continue to stand for many more years. Toronto residents have the opportunity to preserve our history by maintaining the beautiful older buildings that make up our vibrant neighborhoods and city.

Redbrick Inspections offers you a realistic understanding of the ownership and management of repairs of an older home. We will identify and comment on common older home conditions, such as

  • structural performance
  • knob and tube wiring *
  • lead water mains
  • galvanized steel supply piping
  • older drains
  • termite and other damage

* It is possible that with minor repairs to the electrical system, a home can be insured without complete rewiring, saving the home owner thousands of dollars. Please contact David Slack Insurance Brokers Inc. at 1 800 971 1363 to discuss insurance options. Please mention that you were referred by Redbrick Inspections.